New to North America
Pappa Roti cafe may be new to Vancouver but there are 200+ locations of the chain that started in Malaysia in 2003 around the world. The Robson Street location (corner of Nicola) is the first in North America bringing to us the original coffee caramel coated buns that have made them famous.

What is a Roti?
The Roti, an unleavened bread generally made from stoneground wholemeal flour, historially cooked on an iron griddle. Roti is a culinary staple in South Asia. In 2002, the roti bun was born with a crunchy outer pastry and rich, buttery filling. At Pappa Roti each bun is carefully coated in beautiful concentric circles of caramel coffee cream topping, twice baked and served warm. Optionsal sides include cream cheese, local organic jams, fresh fruit, nutella, kaya, maple syrup, honey, whipped cream, ice cream, dark chocolate, or caramel.

Pappa Roti, Robson Street, Vancouver, BC
Pappa Roti Robson
The Robson location is open at 7am on weekdays and 8am on weekends. It stays open until 11pm seven days a week. While the tag line is “the original coffee bun” there is a good selection of organic high quality Teaja teas to choose from as well as smoothies. It is a great place to work with lots of outlets to plug into, tables, bar seats and a few lounge chairs and good music.  It has only been open for 3 weeks and so far has been easy to get a place to seat. The buns are delicious! And filling enough for a light lunch.

Pappa Roti, Robson Street, Vancouver, BC

Pappa Roti, Robson Street, Vancouver, BC
Be careful. The buns are so good they could get addictive! I have to limit myself to working here only once a week.


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