Old Creek Ranch Winery
We  visited this winery back in February during our travels through the Ojai Region of California. It is a family winery founded in 1981 and located on the Old Creek Ranch. The ranch/winery used to produce it’s own grapes but due to disease on the land now outsources the grape growing. The ranch is an 850-acre cattle ranch with the winery and fruit orchards. The orchard has five varieties of cherry trees and are extending the orchard to include a variety of Japanese plums peaches, apples, pears, nectarines and cherry plums. A small blackberry patch also has been established. All the fruit produced is certified Organic. It is an interesting and beautiful drive up just to see the orchards and visit the small wine shop.

 2010 Old Creek Ranch Winery Grenache
Because we were travelling in the United States we were limited to a total of four bottles to bring home across the boarder, this wine was one of those four! You can read a about a few others here and here. The grapes are grown in the Santa Ynez Valley. The Santa Ynez Valley is the largest wine sub-region of Santa Barbara County and has the highest concentration of vineyards. The smell is strong with berries like raspberry and strawberry, but the taste has a good dose of spice to go along with those berries. There is a little bit of acid in the finish which adds a bit of a kick to it. We felt the wine was great with a meal but not as much as a stand alone sipper. We can’t remember the price and couldn’t find it online, but if we reserved one of our four spaces to bring it home we will assume you will enjoy it too!

Jeff & Tara Ciecko
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