Oregon Pinot
On our recent trip to California we tried as many Pinot Noirs as we could find (at least 15 from Napa – more about those later). But we were lucky enough to find one of our favorites from Oregon on the way home and to buy a bottle at the much cheaper $US price.

Erath Winery
The winery is located in the Dundee Hills of Oregon, known for it’s iron-rich soil, combined with gentle breezes and warming sunshine of a marine climate. It is named after the man who planted the first of 21 varieties of Pinot grapes, Dick Erath. Winemaker Gary Horner’s goal is “the best Pinot the region has to offer” and we think he nailed it with this wine!

Their Notes
“This vintage gives our easy-drinking Pinot a bolder presence: Deep jewel tones and complexity. Black cherry, juicy plum and Campari aromas meld with slight meatiness and warm yeastiness. Cherry, cranberry-raspberry and herbal flavors provide gentle sweetness, caressing the palate to a bright finish.”

Our Notes
The first sip makes you think of words like smooth and fruity with just a hint of pepper. This is a light Pinot Noir in both color and alcohol finish. This would be an excellent wine with all kinds of food, including a pizza and even on its own after dinner. We were able to get a bottle at Fred Meyer for $14.99. The BC Liquor website has it listed for $29.59 with both the 2011 and 2012 available in certain stores.


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