‘Surf’ the links
This new product is so interesting that we had to write about it. GolfBoard is an electronic surf/skate board that is controlled by a hand-held remote. You stand on the board like you would a skate board and ride from shot to shot. No, really!

Winner – Best New Product  
GolfBoard just won “Best New Product” at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show. Golf Board allows you to mount your bag on a stand and steady yourself with one hand or to carry your 2ways-barclubs. All you need is one free hand to work the remote control. GolfBoard uses tires that are 3.5″ wide and 9″ tall. The large surface area and tread is designed to put substantially less pressure on the turf than a fully loaded golf cart, even in wet conditions. The ergonomically designed wireless handheld remote allows the user to smoothly accelerate, decelerate and reverse direction.

Coming to B.C
GolfBoards will be available for distribution in B.C. shortly. Mark Nielsen and Mark Lindsay have secured distribution for GolfBoard in British Columbia. They have provided the 2014 GolfBoard Brochure and you can find more information on their ‘Surf the Earth’ website. If you are a golf course operator looking for more information you can contact [email protected]

Will you give GolfBoard it a try?
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