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Almost all the 19th Hole Blog’s lately have been written by Tara about our upcoming ‘location independent‘ life so I thought I should chime in with one of my own. I love Vancouver (not the weather this summer so much) and have really enjoyed our nine years living in the downtown core. It is an amazing city, always vibrant and full of life.

7 Things I’m Going to Miss Most About Vancouver

  1. Living in Coal Harbour – being one block from the ocean with views of the North Shore mountains has been awesome!
  2. Stanley Park – again, being one block from the seawall and riding our bikes around when ever we wanted to!
  3. Tap & Barrel (Coal Harbour) – I can’t count how many times I’ve been there, every bartender knows my name, or how many Canucks, World Junior Hockey or Seahawks games we’ve watched there over the years. It might be the first place I go when we are back in town! Bonus – Tap also has laptop and USB chargers built into the bar for Friday work sessions 😉
  4. Our Patio – the community patio on the 4th floor of our building was may favourite part of the building we called home for the past nine years. We had many outdoor BBQ’s, met some great friends, enjoyed many “happy hours” down there and chilled out in the sun.
  5. Manhattan North – my nickname for downtown Vancouver. Over the years we tried to go over a bridge and leave the city core as little as possible (averaging about 10,000 KM’s in the car per year – including two or three long distance trips). The point being that Vancouver is very walkable, I’m sure we’ll find this in some of the cities we visit, but not all.
  6. Canucks, Seahawks, Lions and Canadians – loved going to the games, watching the games on TV, cheering always for these four teams. The Seahawks jersey is getting packed for sure and maybe the Canucks (I have a couple of T-shirts that will make the trip for sure). I’ll be trying hard to find a pub in every city that is showing the game, any of these games, “with sound”.
  7. Last But Not Least – the relationships and people that we have met, become friends with, shared a drink, meal or sporting event with. We might be gone for a bit but we’re not leaving forever (at this point)!!

Stay tuned because there might be a blog about “7 Things I WON’T Miss About Vancouver”. I doubt it, because I love this place but you never know!

Hockey at Tap and Barrel

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