So to follow-up my blog about ‘7 Things I Will Miss About Vancouver‘ I thought I should share my list of 3 things I won’t miss about Vancouver. This will be a pretty short list, but there are a few things.


Things I Won’t Miss About VancouverCloud 9 Revolving Restaurant at Empire Landmark Hotel, Vancouver, BC

  1. Tourists – we are on our way to being tourists in every city we visit but as great as Vancouver is, it can be a pain in the ass from mid-June until mid-September. I won’t miss the line-ups for patios, traffic on the seawall and waits at our favourite restaurants! I know, first world problems.
  2. Traffic congestion – as I said in the things I’ll miss about Vancouver blog, getting in the car and leaving the city can be painful. I won’t miss the 5 km drive that takes 30+ minutes to get to a bridge.
  3. Rent – love this city, but will not miss paying rent. Between rent, parking, hydro, cable, internet, land line, it will be nice to not be faced with the regular bills of a location “dependent” lifestyle, not that we won’t be paying bills but it will be different. And we believe (with our time share) this is an almost expense neutral move.


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