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I like to read magazines, lots of them. And on all kinds of topics too – travel, style, biking, food, women’s, men’s, editorial, business – you name it, I read it. So in our recent strive for less paper and more mobility, this winter I said goodbye to my monthly subscriptions (and costs) and hello to online magazine reading with I already had an iPad but did not use it for reading. After a few months of getting used to swiping the pages and reading my magazines on a device instead of the feel of the paper pages, I LOVE IT!

(As you may have guessed this blog is written by Tara. Jeff still prefers to read things that are 120 characters or less!)

More Magazine Selection
Some magazines do a better job with their online edition than others but most have extra content, high resolutions pictures, videos and other pluses that are not available in print. I also now have the choice of reading one or two articles from 100 magazines instead of reading all or most of a few magazines.
I subscribed to a free 30 day trial on in December 2014 and before my 30 days were over I was hooked. (There is a US version at but all of the following info is for the Canadian version). I pay $10 per month (Canadian) for access to 100+ magazines, including back issues and access on up to five devices. I have selected about 20 ‘favorites’ which download automatically when the next issue is available (and I am on wifi) but I can access the other 80+ anytime from the home page of the app.

Nextissue also provides updates (by email or from the app) of the most read and latest breaking stories that I can click on if I want to read them or delete if I don’t. I can download as many magazines as my iPad can hold when I am on wifi and then read them anytime – great for planes and trains (too bad I get sick if I read in the car!)

Big fan of
Since I am such a big fan we have added a link to on our Resources page and to the registration page below as an affiliate. If you are an iPad user the reading experience is excellent. You can click the image below to register for your 30 day free trial. If you have any questions about using the app or the subscription I would be happy to answer them. Send me a tweet @Tara_CKGolf or leave a comment this blog or on Facebook anytime.


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