What Mats Sundin did to us hockey fans in Vancouver last August to December with his inability to decide whether he wanted to play hockey again, whether in Vancouver or somewhere else (read previous blog here) drove us fans crazy. While it may have given sportswriters every where something to write about on a daily basis, in my opinion it tainted Mats’ Hall of Fame career. Who did he think he was? I have to admit I lost a lot of respect for him and hope he’ll just fade into retirement this year. I don’t want him back in Vancouver!

The NFL now has its own Mats in Brett Favre and he’s turning his “not sure I’m going to play, but I might” spectacle into an even bigger joke. Sports fans everywhere, especially in Minnesota or fans of the Vikings should be pissed off. I do admit to having been a big Favre fan and thought the last time he “retired” it was too early as I thought he had more to give. It was exciting to see him come back for another go in the NFL. He is a warrior and will always be in my mind, unless this ridiculous game of cat and mouse continues.

NFL training camp starts next week, a note from a reporter was sent to Favre’s agent asking if a decision on whether his client will report to camp or not by opening day would be made? A one word reply was received to the question, “nope”. Brett Favre has now lost my respect, give me the Manning brothers anytime!