I must admit that I did watch the Ryder Cup this weekend, probably because it was raining on Saturday and there was no Seinfeld marathon on T.V. However, as I sit here on Sunday watching it a couple of things have been jumping through my mind.

One, I can’t stand Johnny Miller on a golf broadcast. Thankfully on a regular PGA Tour week there are enough Americans playing that he doesn’t have to yell “get in” every time the American team hits a putt and provide the very insightful “this is a very difficult putt” every time the European team has a putt.

Two, the southern drawl and difficulty in understanding interviews with Boo Weekly and J.B. Holmes makes me think the PGA Tour should impose an “English” only rule similar to what the LPGA is considering. These two guys make Korean seem like English.

Three, back to Johnny Miller, I loved his insight on Kenny Perry’s singles match win. He said Kenny didn’t play better he just putted better!!! Isn’t this the case every week on Tour? He who putts the best usually wins or at least makes it close?

Finally, any event involving chants of U.S.A. makes me want to change the channel. The Americans won the Ryder Cup so I won’t be watching Sportsnet tonight; don’t need to hear about how great they played (or putted). Thankfully Canucks pre-season hockey is on T.V. tomorrow.