Customer Service Training Needed
Lily Mae’s is in an interesting building and served a good eggs but lacklustre service, less than exciting presentation and deep fried potatoes dampened the experience. And to top off the poor in-house experience I received an email from Open Table (which I used to make the reservation) to tell me that Lily Mae’s marked us as a “n0-show” when clearly we were there.

The exterior of Lily Mae’s suits the Gastown neigborhood well. It was not warm enough to eat outside but the bistro tables did have a good view of the goings on in Gassy Jack Square, the hub of Gastown.

We liked the building as soon as we walked in. It retains much of its original charm and is furnished with interesting decor and antiques. There is seating for 16 on the main level and about the same upstairs. Despite our initial good impressions the experience began to fall apart with the service – or lack there of. It took a long time for us to order, a longer time for us to get drinks (a Mimosa and a beer), and a very long time for food to arrive. 

The Frittata Feature ($12) was chorizo and cheddar and was quite flavourful. There was also some pork sausage mixed in. The one piece of toast was dry and cold. The potatoes were overcooked.

The Sunny Day Benedict ($14) was also tasty. There was a good portion of avocado, one of the eggs was cooked as I ordered (the other overdone) and the hollandaise was good as well. The deep fried potatoes were a disappointment. This is a great time of year for fresh baby potatoes, why ruin them by dumping them in a deep fryer? And then overcooking them as well?

 The table set up was nice – a bit more up scale than casual and the cutlery was solid. We had to ask for jam. We had to ask for salt and pepper. We had to ask for water. And everything took a while to get to us. In the end the experience was OK. The eggs were good. The service was not. I was not really all that surprised when I received an email from OpenTable the next morning asking me why I did not show up for my reservation. We were there but our server really was not.


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