Granville Street surprise
We were looking for a quick breakfast but ended up with a better than expected lunch. Formerly known as Olympia Bar & Grill, Cavo Bar + Kitchen on Granville Street was a surprise to us. We enjoyed our first visit so much we went back again a week later.

Cavo opened in March 2009 and calls itself a Mediterranean restaurant featuring flavors from Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Lebanon. The menu is large with starters, salads, sandwiches, wraps, pasta, pizza and a long list of main dishes. Brunch is served on the weekends. There is a small patio right on the street for watching the ever-entertaining sites of Granville Street or a long bar, benches and tables inside. On both visits the service was friendly and pretty good. 

With such a large menu we decided to stick with the basics for our first visit, pizza and pasta.

 The pizzas are served on a crust that I can only describe as ‘Greek’ because the only time I have had a thick white crust like this is in a Greek restaurant. While the crust looks thick and ‘bready’ it is actually quite light. I would still not say I prefer it over a thin crust but I did enjoy it. I also liked that the cheese was on the bottom with the vegetables on top. This is the small Cavo Royal ($14.95) with smoked ham, pepperoni, olives, green pepper, onions fresh mushrooms and mozzarella (minus the shrimp). There were lots of vegetables just the way I like. I was impressed.

The Spaghetti Bolognese ($12.75) had a great sauce; spicy and beefy. Jeff could be considered a Bolognese connoisseur and he liked it. A very close second to his favorite (Nook on Denman) but pretty good. It was served with garlic toast. There was enough for a leftover when I ate my extra pizza.

On our second visit we intended to try the breakfast but Jeff went with another choice off the pasta menu. The Italian Baked Spaghetti ($13.95) is essentially the Spaghetti Bolognese baked with mozzarella cheese and is also served with garlic toast. It may sound like a good idea but there was too much cheese and it actually hid the flavor of the great sauce. Better to order it not baked. 

 I had the Frittata ($9.95) which was made with the same filling as the pizza I had the first time – smoked ham, pepperoni, olives, green pepper, onions, fresh mushrooms and mozzarella. Again, I chose to hold the shrimp. The Frittata itself was very tasty but I am not a fan of hashbrowns that are deep fried. The toast was also served dry and by the time I realized it was too cold to melt the butter. Overall, I think I would go back to pizza the next time. 

 The interior looks like it might be fun in the evening. It is likly to get overflow from the bars down the street. It might be a good place to watch a hockey game.

Being a pizza lover it was nice to try something a bit different (the white and fluffy crust) so this pizza might be on our list again. Urban Spoon does say that the they deliver but I called the restaurant and they do not deliver directly themselves. You can use for a $6.95 delivery charge if you are desperate but with so much to see on Granville it is worth a visit.


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