Dine inside a bank vault
Take an old bank, turn it into a restaurant, keep the bank’s vault, even keep the name – hence the Vault Restaurant in Cloverdale was born.

We were meeting a group of friends to see a play about golf at Surrey’s Little Theatre and one friend suggested the Vault for dinner before the show. Since we usually pack a lunch (ha ha) to drive all the way to Surrey or in this case Cloverdale we thought that this was a great idea.

The Vault is open at 11:00 am on weekdays and at 4:30 pm on weekends. They advertise ‘fabulous foods, wicked wines and mouth-watering martinis’. We didn’t try a martini but the food and service were very good. The wine list was not long but there were a few interesting choices (We enjoyed the Tamari Pinto Grigio, Argentina). The ‘by the glass’ prices were standard, but the prices by the bottle were a bargain. The menu includes a large selection of appetizers plus pasta, seafood and meat main dishes.

The ‘Shredded Duck’ ($9.99) was wontons layered with duck mixed with pea shoots, mushrooms, arugula and a spicy sesame ginger vinaigrette. The flavor was great and the wontons were perfect for scooping up the filling.

The ‘Tomato Bocconcini’ ($9.99) was not typical. The standard bocconcini, roma tomatos and balsamic was tossed with a decent amount of pesto. The flavor was good but I still prefer an original without the pesto, it sort of took away from the dish.

 The ‘Pesto Pan Bread’ ($11.99) was a flat bread topped with pesto and then baked with goat cheese, roasted garlic and spinach with a drizzle of balsamic. There seems to be a pesto theme here.

A full set of food photos (from all 8 of our meals) can be found on Flickr.

The Steelhead Salmon ($22.99) was served with a pineapple mango salsa on top of a bed of white rice. The salmon was great but the rice a bit bland even with the salsa.

 The Vault is a cool place to sit with a group of 6 or 8. A rectangular booth is built right into the vault filling the entire space. We were 8 and any more would be too crowded. The door is kept open the whole time (in case anyone is worried) and there is a spinner in the middle to help the server get drinks to everyone.

There is a hole cut into the wall, probably for air circulation and we were very comfortable. The service was good despite the restaurant being busy. It was a fun space for a group. We are rarely in the area but we would go to Vault again if we were.


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