Fresh is best
Point Loma Seafood opened in 1963 selling only their finest quality fish catches. In the 70’s they started serving the freshest fish, hot on the freshest sourdough bread and a cult favorite was born. Today they have the best homemade chowders, and the freshest shrimp and crabmeat available in the local market. We had read about Point Loma Seafood in magazines, newspapers, travel guides and even had a personal recommendation from a close friend, so how could we not give it a try! It was a bit out of our way but it was worth the trip!

The restaurant is located right on the water front at the Point Loma Marina in San Diego. It is open seven days a week from 10am to 7pm. There is a small indo0r seating area but you really want to be outside in the sun on the upper patio to get the best view. If the upper pation is full there are lots of picnic tables on the main level outside as well.

Everything at the fish counter looked so fresh that I wished we could have bought a feast to cook later. But sadly we were headed to a hotel in downtown San Diego with no kitchen. 

With crab being one of their specialties we both thought that crab for lunch sounded like a good idea.

The fresh Crab Meat Sandwich (market price – $14) was served on the best sourdough bread I have ever tasted.  There was so much crab meat in the sandwich that it kept falling out. A good problem to have!

There was delicious house-made tarter sauce on one side of the bread – just enough for some extra flavor but not too much to over-power the delicious crab.

Jeff ordered the Crab Cake Plate ($12) which had 4 good size crab cakes, coleslaw and fries. Again the crab cakes were delicious with mostly just crab meat and a light batter. The fries were very good too.

Even though it was busy, we managed to score a table with a great view in the sunshine to enjoy the terrific crab but we did not sit too long because there were so many people waiting. Point Loma Seafood is worth a visit if you are in the San Diego area. Have lunch and pick up some fresh fish for later.


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