Marriott Hotels Strikes Again

Last month we wrote about Marriott’s launch of their “Text the front desk” program which we thought was a great new customer service tool. This was a few months after they launched futuristic looking charging stations in their lobbies.

This month Marriott is at it again with the announcement that Netflix will soon be available in nearly all of the more than 300 properties in the United States. As regular Marriott customers on our U.S. travels we are really loving them right now! Their use of technology to enhance the guest experience appeals to us and we always like to watch and support brands that are consistently trying new things.

In room Netflix at US Marriotts
Guests will be able to log in to their personal Netflix accounts directly through the hotel TV rather than using WiFi on smaller-screen laptops and tablets. With this agreement, Marriott Hotels is the first hotel brand authorized to offer guests direct access to their Netflix accounts as part of its guest room entertainment offering. Marriott Hotels designed and adapted its Netflix app for the hotel environment. Guests staying multiple days only have to login to their accounts once throughout their stay. When guests checkout all account information is automatically wiped clean from the televisions. Read the full story.

Netflix Canada Users
NetflixWhile we all know that the lineup of available options on Canadian Netflix pales in comparison to the US listings simply cross the border and Voilà we get access to everything. We normally travel with a bag full of cables, never knowing what version the hotel TV (new or old) will accept to connect to our laptops or iPad and often none do, leaving us watching House of Cards and House of Lies on the small screen. With Marriott leading the way we hope that Netflix is ready to make deals with other hotel chains as well.

Note: There are ways to watch US Netflix in Canada (both legal and not). We have not tried this yet but TechVibes does provide step by step instructions on ‘how to access US Netflix’ the correct (legal) way.


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