Empire Landmark Hotel
The Empire Landmark Hotel on Robson Street in Vancouver was built in 1971. It stands 120 metres (393.7 feet) tall with 42 storeys and it is the tallest building in Vancouver that is completely devoted to a hotel. We have been starring at the building every time we look out our bedroom window for the past 9 years but never visited. We had heard about the Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant but had thoughts like “over priced, tourist trap” running through our heads. Well, we finally went for dinner a few weeks ago prompted by an anniversary gift from Mom.

Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant at Empire Landmark Hotel, Vancouver, BCCloud 9 Revolving Restaurant
We love Vancouver. This is not a surprise to anyone. But now we love it even more after the views from Cloud 9. Because the Landmark Hotel is located so deep into the West End there is a different perspective than from Vancouver Lookout or The Wall Center. You can really see the diversity of the city as well as the spectacular views of English Bay, the North Shore, Burrard Inlet and out to Burnaby and beyond as the restaurant revolves. It takes 80 minutes to make one complete circle so make sure you stay for dessert. The sky was a bit hazy on the day of our visit but it did not hurt the view (just the pictures a bit).

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We were not completely off on our thoughts about the food and service. The service was average at best. But when you have such a great view to keep you occupied it can be over looked. The food tasted better than expected but was a bit cold. Not sure exactly where the kitchen is or if our server just forgot about it. But overall the experience was worth it. The menu included some local options and we each ordered one.

  • 8oz BC STEELHEAD TROUT (Lois Lake-Sunshine Coast, BC) $28 pan seared with an orange balsamic gastrique.
  • 6oz BC SPRING SALMON (Haida Gwaii, BC) $30 pan seared with a brown sugar and dijon mustard glaze.

Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant, Empire Landmark Hotel, Vancouver, BC

Cloud 9 Revolving Restaurant at Empire Landmark Hotel, Vancouver, BC

We did find out that there is a small area of Cloud 9 dedicated to a cocktail lounge. We do plan to go up again just for a drink on a perfectly sunny day before we leave the city for a while (more on that later).


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