Travelling in Revelstoke, BC
We were travelling about a month or so ago and had an afternoon meeting in Revelstoke, BC. We decided to stay overnight as we had never really spent anytime in Revelstoke other than stopping for gas on the way to Invermere or Panorama. We had no idea what to expect for dinner that night and ended up at Zalas Restaurant. It turns out the restaurant featured craft beer from Mt. Begbie Brewery. We had never heard of it but as usual were up for a taste challenge.

Mt. Begbie Brewery
Mt. Begbie Brewery is located in Revelstoke, BC, in the heart of British Columbia’s Columbia mountain range. The company is named after Mt. Begbie, a majestic glacial mountain that dominates the Revelstoke skyline. The mountain is named after Matthew “Hanging Judge” Begbie, a colourful character from Revelstoke’s early history, who probably would have benefitted from a sip of Mt. Begbie’s soothing ales before rendering his judgements.


Mt. Begbie Craft Beer

We each tasted a different Mt. Begbie Craft Beer during dinner. Jeff had the Tall Timber Ale and Tara had the High Country Kolsch, obviously very different from each other.

Tall Timber Ale was a Gold Medal Winner at the 2006 Canadian Brewing Awards and Bronze medal winner in 2007. It is a dark English brown ale, but not heavy at all with 5.2% alcohol volume. As a Pale Ale drinker Jeff found this similar, and a little less English brown, more like a Red ale. He would have it again!

High Country Kolsch was a Gold Medal Winner at the 2011 and 2006 Canadian Brewing Awards and took 1st place at the 2012 BC Brewing Awards. Kolsch is a pale, mildly hopped beer which was originally brewed in Köln, Germany. The Mt. Begbie Kolsch is brewed with authentic Kölschbier yeast. It is only 4.5% alcohol volume. Tara liked it as it was very much like other Kolsch beers which she is a fan of.


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