Use Your Opinion on YouTube
This blog is the second part of a YouTube series by our new team member Steve Chaisson (Increase your YouTube Subscribers was part one). Youtube

This might sound a little crazy but, to gain intrigue with your video, you need to provide opinion. People know that on Youtube, if someone gives an opinion, there will be many who disagree. The key to this is how you use your opinion.

If you have a channel that deals with reviews, impressions, insights, etc., you need an opinion. If you do not talk about what you like and dislike, then people will have less interest. Why? Because it is in our nature to watch videos and see where our opinions match. People like to know that their thoughts are the same as someone else’s. Granted there are some people who are only looking to start an internet debate, but for the most part, people want to strike up conversation and discuss their opinions.

How to properly bring up your opinions
Start by mentioning that what you have to say is your opinion and not fact or based on popular vote. Once that is said, you can share away. The more positive things you say, the better the video will be received. Generally, people are watching because they are interested in the product or service and want to hear good things. 

Back up your negatives
If you have to bring up bad points, be cautious of how you talk about it. You can not simply say, “That is stupid,” or, “This was a huge mistake.” You need to mention that you did not find that certain area of the product or service to be outstanding and then back it up with your experience/impression. To further back up a negative comment, say something along the lines of, “Again, that is just my opinion. You might like that feature and if you do, great.” 

Don’t Be Shy
Don’t shy away from giving your honest thoughts on something to the public. Just make sure you do so in a calm and understanding matter. Try to be positive and enthused. If you have negative points, share them openly and honestly but do not rant. Be ready for some hate because people will say bad things about what you had to say. Handle it maturely and address the comment only if it is reasonable to do so.

Youtube thrives on this engagement; be a part of it.


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