Twitter Statistics
We have not been talking a lot about Twitter lately with new technology like Snapchat and bots now around to overshadow it. But Twitter is still a good and growing platform for your business to use. So far it is not over-run with paid advertising (like Facebook) so remains a good platform for pure engagement. Over 100 million users log in daily and 34% of those do so more than once per day. Twitter is a great source of news and is a good place for golf courses to post their daily course conditions, lunch specials, happy hour and more. It is also a great place for authentic engagement. In our opinion, Twitter beats Facebook in this regard hands down.

Friend or FollowFollowing and Followers
In order to get the most out of Twitter your should be following your customers and potential customers, other businesses in your industry and your local community. You should be posting content relevant to these groups and sharing content that these groups post. You should also be participating in conversations in these groups.

You should not worrying about following everyone who follows you. Only follow them if it makes sense to your organization. You should also not follow anyone who is not following you back. If the user is just on Twitter to post but not to share or engage then why follow them?

Friend or Follow 
So how do you know who follows you without clicking on each individual account and checking? There is a tool to help you manage your Twitter account called Friend our Follow. Simply link your Twitter account to the Friend or Follow website. You can then view three tabs – Following, Fans and Friends.


Following – These are accounts that you follow that do not follow you back. The only accounts that should be here are verified accounts like your local news channel or other informational sources that share good, relevant content but do not follow back.

Fans – These are accounts that follow you that you do not follow back. Check through these to see if any are relevant to your business and community and only follow back the ones that are. You should check this page once a month to see if there are any new followers that you are not aware of.

Friends – Theses are the accounts that you follow and who follow you back. This is where your engaged users will be and these are the accounts that you should try to interact with.

With more and more new social platforms out there it is more important than ever to find one or two that work for your business and spend time on those ones.  Twitter is especially important if you are trying to target a younger demographic since 30% of online adults under 50 use Twitter, compared with 11% of online adults ages 50 and older.

Twitter requires daily review and engagement to see results.

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