Food and Beverage
The Food and Beverage business is a tough business to be in, particularly when attached to a golf course. Expectations, hours of operation and pricing demands from members or locals are often difficult to manage. The profit margins are typically low while the time spent managing costs are high. As an owner or manager we always used to say, you spend 90% of your time on F&B for 10% of the profits and 10% of your time on golf, which can yield 90% of your profits. Knowing your menu and what your customers want is an ongoing battle.

San Diego Gas LampThe Menu
Golf courses struggle all the time to try and be everything to everyone. It is difficult to manage the expectations of your customer while meeting your expected profit margins. Lately we have found using a ‘fresh sheet’ concept has allowed the golf courses we work with regularly to experiment with their menus and make qualified, measured decisions on the items that ultimately end up on their seasonal menus.

The Fresh Sheet
The fresh sheet is not a new idea but one we believe more restaurants should be taking advantage of. In addition to your regular menu you should be running a weekly or bi-weekly rotating fresh sheet. The fresh sheet will allow you to take advantage of supplier specials, different food and beverage trends or experiment with creativity. We’ve started using a bi-weekly fresh sheet with one golf course and the benefits have been great. The fresh sheet allows you to test new items, improve margins and provides data on what items are popular and which ones are not. You can then take one or two of the best selling items from the fresh sheet and add them to the regular menu while removing the slowest selling item(s) from the regular menu every couple of weeks.

We do make sure that the fresh sheet items have more than one use so we don’t have to carry any extra product while we experiment with the menu. If your restaurant isn’t using a fresh sheet you should give it a try!


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