Build it and they will come?   PastedGraphic-1
The golf industry has been known for the ‘build it and they will come’ philosophy and is feeling the pinch. Isn’t that all you have to do, build it, brand it and consumers will buy it? Many golf courses invest a lot of time, money and effort in getting visitors to their website, but miss the opportunities to close more business once the visitor is in the sales funnel.

Using Social Media
Golf Courses and other businesses are attempting to use social media for their marketing, advertising and promotions to create and increase their traffic, but is there a procedure to follow to turn those clicks into profits?

Are you turning all your leads into prospects, prospects to customers and best of all, into a repeat customer?

With social media marketing, there is no face to face interaction, but it is still like a customer walking in the door. If you do nothing…. what happens…. they walk back out the door with their money in their pockets. 

Potential customers are looking for answers, do you offer what they are looking for and do they really want to do business with you? This is your call to action, engage with these people, and turn these leads into revenue.  By helping to answer these questions, you will funnel them right down to your bottom line!


The golf industry sales funnel is full of holes. The golf course is a great place to be and golf is a great game to played so both the consumer and the courses are at a loss. Why not emulate the sales funnel process that top performing companies have proven to be successful!  The golf industry’s build it and they will come philosophy has only proven that it does not work.

Read Part 2 here on how to make the sales funnel work for you.

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