It’s Not 1980, Sales Has Changed
Since 2010 the sales process has made a shift and it has been dramatic. However, most golf businesses are still selling like it is the 1980’s! It is time to shake things up and do it differently. It has never been easier, but it is different from how you are used to doing it.

You still have to work at it. Work is hard, but if you work at the process, it can be easier than ever before. The internet is your friend. You have to have a system and a process and most importantly you have to understand the internet and how to use it to your benefit. It’s time to move your sales process into the future (today) and to do it right.

Does Your Team Understand Their Role?
During the past decade we have become fascinated watching the way golf course operators approach sales and in general the way marketers (who are also in sales by the way) do things. About a year or so ago we were giving a talk at a golf course owners and operators event and Jeff asked the group what there job titles were…

As expected answers were “General Manager, Head Golf Professional, Tournament Organizer, Marketing Manager, Food and Beverage Supervisor” or any other standard job title that exists in the golf business. (The titles have been the same since the beginning of time and haven’t changed in a lot of operations since).

They were all wrong! Each and every one of them are in sales and while each of them might have people who report to them it isn’t going to be until everyone in your organization understands that they are involved in sales that you can move forward. That’s it we said it and you better figure it out and understand that in a hurry! You and everyone in your organization are in sales, like it or not. More on how to make sales in 2015 to come…

If you would like to watch Jeff’s recent talk on sales and the golf industry you can view it on YouTube here.

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