1. Call to Action
Your call to action (phone number, email address, purchasing engine) need to be a the top of your website. Let your potential customers know what you want them to do when they land on your website.

2. Mobile Friendly
How does your website display on a smart phone or a tablet? If we have to “flick” the screen to navigate the display size we are likely to leave your site. It is 2014, your website must be optimized for mobile browsing.

3. A clear description of who you are
Your website needs to clearly and concisely describe the key features of your business. Don’t use unneeded text as our attention spans are short. We need to know quickly why we should do business with you.

4. An easily-navigated site map
Make sure your website can easily be navigated from the area “above the fold” (the area of your website that is displayed when you customers land on your page). If they have to scroll or look for the information they are after, they will likely leave your page before they find it.

5. Easy-to-find contact information
Your website should include several ways for customers to contact you (phone, e-mail, etc.) are all good options. A contact form is a bad option. It makes it seem like you do not want to be contacted by customers and potential customers. Google maps is also a great option to have on your website.

6. Customer testimonials
Honest words from others help make your products or services more tangible to customers who are visiting you online. Update these on a regular basis.

7. Fresh, quality content
For many businesses, your website is your first impression on a customer. You want to give them what they’re looking for, and perhaps even give them a reason to keep coming back. If your website is static and not regularly updated you are not giving customers a reason to come back.


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