What is Snapchat?
The Snapchat app is not intuitive. It is not easy to figure out in one sitting (and we use a lot of apps). So we are starting with the basics… like what is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a messaging app that uses photos and video (up to 10 seconds long), as the basis for creating private or public messages. Lenses, doodles, captions and other effects add to your image based ‘snap’ or ‘story’. A snap can be sent privately as a message or can be shared publicly. Your public story is a series of your snaps in a continuous stream. Content expires and disappears after a set time, ranging from a few seconds up to 24 hours. While the content is deleted from Snapchat, you can save screen shots of content while it is live and… is anything ever truly deleted from the internet???

Snapchat’s Growth
Snapchat is the fastest growing mobile app right now. It’s growth is surpassing Twitter and currently even the very popular Instagram. More than 60% of US 13 to 34 year-old smartphone users, are ‘Snapchatters’. There are over 100 million people that use Snapchat every day, with more accounts being created daily.

Just like with Instagram and other social channels, social media influencers on Snapchat can help spread brand awareness and reach. Snapchat offers authenticity and brand narrative, which can have a huge impact for your audience.

Snapchat for Business
As a business, you can create your own Snapchat stories to share with your followers and also provide the Snapchat user with the ability to view your brand in a new and fun way.

A Snapchat story can be used to create a video narrative of your brand, product or service. This type of brand awareness is a lot of fun, it engages and excites users. The video narrative can be a combination of filters, geo filters, emoticons, music and much more.

Tracy Matthews SnapchatThe best part about Snapchat from a business standpoint is the ability to create geo-filters, both community and on-demand ones. Geo-filters make it easy for Snapchatters to send your message to friends. Community geo-filters are free whereas on-demand geo-filters will cost you money, but basic analytics are included. An on-demand geo-filter can be created for a business, specific events such as a party or wedding, or for a specific location. Brand logos and trade-marks are permitted.

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