Will you shop on Facebook?
Will your customers? Facebook has moved into the testing phase of building ‘shops’ in Facebook Pages.

“With the shop section on the page, we’re now providing businesses with the ability to showcase their products directly on the page” — Emma Rodgers, Facebook product marketing manager.

We already know that Facebook has very good analytics and ad targeting abilities, so imagine these also tied to your customers having the opportunity to make a purchase. The entire shopping experience will take place within Facebook. You can read more on BuzzFeed.

According to Buzz Feed, Facebook’s shops currently number in the double digits with plans to expand, according to Rodgers, who said the project is in such an early stage that she could not share the names of any business currently piloting the program.

Facebook Shops on Pages
Only time will tell how successful the launch of shopping on Facebook Pages with be. Shopify, as well as a few other leading ecommerce solutions already offer apps that allow shopping and product promotion through Facebook. However, these apps take the user off Facebook to complete a transaction. The functionality of the Facebook Shop will keep users on Facebook for the entire process. It seems likely that Facebook will want its cut for this service.

We will continue to watch for updates on this program and post them here.


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