Big Acquisition for Microsoft
On Monday June 13th Microsoft Corp. purchased LinkedIn Corp. for $26.2 Billon. This was the largest acquisition for Microsoft in its history. LinkedIn will remain its own distinct brand. And it appears that shareholders are happy with the sale as stocks are up more than 40% since the announcement. Read more about the purchase…

Microsoft Buys LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion, Reasserting Its Muscle – The New York Times

Microsoft to Acquire LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion – The Wall Street Journal

The future of LinkedIn
What does this purchase mean for LinkedIn users?

Microsoft plans to make LinkedIn more valuable by making collaboration easier across a wide range of its products. This could mean a connection or integration with Office 365 email or Microsoft Office’s Word or Excel. It could also lead to new products and services from both Microsoft and LinkedIn. For full time Apple users like us the purchase will likely not mean much. But does this sale say something about the future of social media platforms?

The future of Social Media
LinkedIn may have seen declining stock prices but it has some stability built right into it. It is based on business connections and serious business news. It does not have the same ‘noise’ (aside from LinkedIn email) that occupies other platforms. What will happen to platforms like Twitter who have seen declining stock prices and have been for sale for a long time?

A very detailed article about the implications of this sale in finished by saying “Social networks aren’t going away, but the heyday of social media companies as standalone marquee enterprises may already be past. ”


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