Sales and Your Business
As follow-up to last week’s blog about sales and how the game is changing (which you can read here), we thought we would continue with some thoughts on a similar topic in this week’s post.

Does Everyone in your Organization know the Services and Products you Sell?
We spoke to a private club General Manager who said that all staff needs to be very well versed in their specific job roles to provide great Member services. But that it was equally important for every single staff member to know how to talk about the details of Membership even if they work in the restaurant, golf shop or other area.

Do you have a sales training plan for your team? You should!

Your sales training plan should cover things like how to join the club, benefits of Membership, events the Club puts on, etc. The GM that we were speaking to went on to state that if other clubs haven’t trained their staff to provide Membership details and to properly record sales leads (for senior managers to follow-up on) they had better start doing it soon. This makes sense and is some great advice!

Golf Membership sales have been a tough sell for the past 6 or 7 years and everyone needs to understand part of their role is to help the club get new members, or in most cases now passholders. While this topic came up at a private golf club for us first it is most important for clubs that are public but hope to sell passes to create loyalty.

There has to be a process to sell memberships, passes and to grow your business in general.

What systems have you put in place to improve these revenues?

If you would like to watch Jeff’s recent talk on sales and the golf industry you can view it on YouTube here.

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