If you missed – Why the Golf Industry is doing it wrong – Sales Funnel (Part 1) you can read it here.

Maximize Your Connections
Are you maximizing sales from your contacts and inquires that have been or will be made? Or do you have a leaky funnel, losing the leads, prospects and potential customers through holes in your process? 

The Sales Funnel

1. Marketing and Promotion
The first step is reaching out and drawing potential customers towards your business or services. Many golf course websites are missing a great opportunity to simply increase the conversion rate from those visitors they already have coming in.

2. Interested Visitors are your Leads
Customers choose to seek you out and become your leads. Please engage them, encourage them to take the ‘next step’ and give you permission to follow-up. Use a form or a questionnaire that is very visible and easy to use for them to opt in. It is the first step in helping customers to make the decision to buy and giving you permission to contact them by phone or email.

3. Now that lead is a prospect
This is a call to action and you must make yourself stand out from your competitors.  This would be easy in the golf industry; you just need to nurture the relationship with multiple touches that are timely and diligent.  You will be able to convert many more of your leads to a sale if you do.  

If they are undecided and have not used your service, they remain a prospect. But do not forget them! Maintain contact, use an auto responder campaign to develop and nurture that relationship! Industry best practices generally say that it takes up to 5 messages or touches to close the deal or have them use a service at your course, so you could be missing out on a lot of sales.

4. Engage the Customer when they buy
You are able to sell because you are matching what you offer and value of it to what your customer wants and needs. Then make sure to deliver value to these new and existing customers, and encourage them to refer and recommend you to others.

5. Generate More Profits
New and repeat customers. Do you have only one bucket at the bottom of the funnel? The lead capture form can also lead inquiries for products or services that you may not offer, but why not sign up with an affiliate and refer these people and capitalize on that visit? 


We must look outside the box (or bucket) and look for other opportunities, but don’t let the ones in your grasp slip through your funnel!

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