Facebook Advertising
In a previous post – Part 1 – we looked at the results of boosting posts on Facebook for several of our clients. In this post we will look at the results from ‘Page Likes’ paid Facebook campaigns.

Page Likes
While it is optimal to grow your Page Likes through great content, engagement and sharing, Facebook provides the opportunity to supplement organic methods by paying for a ‘Page Likes’ campaign. The step by step process to create an ad for Page Likes on Facebook is very simple. The two key factors are the small amount of text that you write and the parameters you set for targeting users.

The ad copy should be concise and explain why someone should like your page in a clear way – what do you provide to your readers? The parameters you set such as age, location and interests should target the demographic and location of your current and potential customers very specifically – i.e. If your golf course is mainly supported by locals select the city that your golf course is located in and all surrounding cities that bring you golfers. If your golf course relies on the destination market choose those locations. Lastly make sure you are targeting golfers. You can do this by setting specific interests – i.e. golf or by choosing other pages the user has liked i.e. The Golf Channel.

You can spend as little as $5 to give a Facebook ad a try and see how it works. You can choose to run an ad for as little as one day. Do some tests a see what works for you.

Case Studies
Facebook provides metrics on reach, page likes and cost per like during the campaign time frame plus reminds you of how much you spent.

Facebook Page Likes Campaign
In this example by setting up an ad to run for three consecutive days (May 5th to 7th) to spent a total of no more than $10 this ad had a reach of 1,547 people. Reach is the number of unique people that received impressions of the ad. The ad resulted in 12 new Page Likes at a cost of .83 cents per like.

Untitled 4
This ad was only run for one day with $5 spent. The reach for the ad was 986 with 13 new Page Likes. In this example the each page like cost .38 cents.

The final example is of an ad that was still active at the time of the screen shot. The ad was set up to run for 7 days with a total spend of $30. During the current day of the campaign (May 8th) a total of $4.06 was spent for a running total of $26.35. So far the ad has resulted in a reach of 2,568 and 95 new Page Likes at a cost of .27 cents per like.

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What is the vale of a Facebook Page Like?
There have been studies, articles, blogs, talks and more about the value of a Facebook Page Like and of course the opinions vary widely. It also depends on what you are counting as value. Value for some may be actual dollars spent by clicking from Facebook to a sales portal or booking engine. Value can also come as earned media exposure (as opposed to paid media).

What really matters is what you do with your Fans after they have given you that all important Like. Each Page Like is worth nothing if you do nothing with it. If you do not provide content to engage and keep your fans, they will leave. If you do provide great content they will share it with their friends and help you get more Page Likes that you did not have to pay for. And if you do not occasionally offer your Fans something to book or buy you won’t know if they will actually take action.


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