First Anchored Putting
Back in November we wrote a blog post (a dumb move for the game of golf) about the decision by the stuffy blue coats of the USGA and R&A who were proposing to make the belly putter illegal. They called it an anchored stroke, which I suppose it is but it had been used for 10 years! Think about that. However we (and others) feel that they have completely lost touch with reality of the state of the game. The National Golf Course Owners, PGA of Canada, PGA of America and PGA Tour provided opposition of this rule which we also blogged about (update: anchored putting).

The Saucer Pass is Illegal?!?
This week the USGA and R&A (and Golf Canada to a degree) ruled the Saucer Pass, made famous by Abbotsford’s James Lepp on the Big Break and in his videos is illegal. Just like anchored putting the blue coats have again made a move to takeaway something fun from the game of golf! If this made chipping the golf ball more fun for even one player it should be allowed, period, end of discussion. But no here we go again after it was allowed on the PGA Tour Canada, the Big Break and other events James had played in the blue coats deemed it a rules violation. Just what golf needs more rules!

James Lepp’s Saucer Pass Video

Your Thoughts on the Saucer Pass
Leave a comment below and let us know if you agree, disagree or think the USGA and R&A are out of touch with the current state of golf and should step back from making more rules!!

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