Dress Codes
Dress codes for golf are out of touch with today’s reality. OK, but MAYBE with the exception of some private clubs. Although we know of one extremely private golf club that now allows blue jeans for kids in the clubhouse from 4:00pm to 7:00pm. But only because their dinner business was drying up from families during that time period. It had become a hassle for the parents to dress their kids up to eat Chicken Fingers so they stopped coming! Go figure. The club’s change in dress code brought the families back.

Dress codes for public and semi-private golf courses (and some private clubs) need to loosen up if we are truly going to make an effort at growing the game of golf. Doing a bit of research for clubs that still have a dress code we came across this on one semi-private golf course’s website:

The XYZ Golf Club’s dress code is strictly enforced — your cooperation is appreciated.

The golf professional staff and the clubhouse staff are instructed to administer these rules, and are empowered to refuse play on the course and/or admittance to the clubhouse facilities.

Are you serious? As the golf industry continues to look for new ways to bring players into the game can we really be so picky about what our customers wear on the golf course?

Reinventing the Game of Golf
One reference I always have appreciated is the how the ski industry went through a down turn and reinvented itself by attracting youth and a different customers through the “invention” of snowboarding. It brought more kids and attracted a different type of customer to the mountains than ever before. Can golf do that?

Dress Codes in 2015
Customer: What’s your dress code?

Staff: $50, the price of our green fee and if you have it you can play. Have a great day!

We all know there are designer blue jeans on the market that cost more than the average pair of Dockers. Loosen the rules, promote your new dress code policy and grow your business!

This is a small step in the right direction to grow the game of golf.


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