Golf Course Maintenance
We have previously blogged some thoughts on Golf Course Maintenance. We thought another post might be in order to unspecified (4)continue to challenge the status quo between what might look good and what golfers actually might want. The golf business continues to face challenging times. We have to continue to look at things differently. As one client said to us almost a year ago, break it down and build it back up… look at everything, question everything!

Maintaining Par 3’s
As I’ve had diminishing golf skills over the past number of years, particularly in the short game area, the tight lie chips have been particularly challenging. From the tee, cutting an area 10 to 30 yards in front of a Par 3 to fringe (collar) height may look really great but we think the reality is that your customer would prefer a longer cut of height in that area. Have you every hit it short of a Par 3 and found yourself wishing you were a few yards left or right into the rough. I have! From that tight lie, for me, it takes a wedge out of play and leaves only a 7-iron or hybrid bump and run option. The lie is too tight for the average golfer to deploy the wedge.

Change the way you do things and save some money too! It should be less about the aesthetics and more about the playability and enjoyment of the golf course for your customers. Cut it as fairway or rough closer to the green. We think your golfers will enjoy this more and it will save you money and labour in the long run.

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