Golf Course Maintenance
Sometimes you have to do things differently. Challenging the state of the status quo has always been something we have done. If you want your golf course and it’s financial results to change you have to look at every aspect of the business.

The PGA Tour and it’s beautifully maintained golf courses that we see each week on TV create challenges for golf course operators. These courses give golfers  high expectations for golf courses based on what they see on TV. The striping of the fairway cuts is particularly interesting. The labour that goes into cutting the fairways alone is expensive. In 1995 when I was General Manager at Nicklaus North in Whistler we spent most of the early part of the season “burning” the striping into the fairways. It was expensive from a labour perspective, but it did look great on TV during the TELUS Skins Game!

Copper Point Golf Resort - Invermere, BC

Arena Cut
That was then, this is now! We work with a lot of golf course who are looking to improve their financial returns. One of the most expensive aspects of running a golf course is grounds maintenance. How can you reduce labour but still have the product and quality on the golf course that owners/ operators and golfers want?

One of our clients, Copper Point Golf Club in Invermere, BC showed us what they were doing a couple of years ago… using the “Arena Cut” vs. cross cutting or striping their fairways. It’s Brilliant! Arena cutting is cutting your fairway like a hockey area Zamboni would clean the ice. Around the outside, up the middle, around the inside of the first cut and the outside of the first middle cut.

We’ve implemented this at a dozen courses or so since seeing this. The resulting change… six to 12 hours of reduced labour time for staff per WEEK and reduced hours on the fairway mower (longer life)! There has also been virtually zero negative feedback from Members and guests at those courses. We continue to believe in this process.

Give it try and see if you can save yourself some money while maintaining a high quality of product.

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