Going Paperless in 2014
Tara and I like to set aside one day a month to talk about our business, how we can do things better, what opportunities are ahead and how we can work more efficiently. Last month one of our ideas for 2014 was to cut down on paper. We had done this already by not sending or receiving paper invoices and using our printer only when necessary. We use dropbox to share documents with our bookkeeper, designers and assistant but we still ended up with a pile of company receipts at the end of the month. We were looking for a way in particular to save and track all of our business expenses without boxes of paper. We had no idea how were going to do this!

Connected for Business
The fall issue of Rogers Connected for Business arrived, and the magazine is generally filled with Tech tips for business. In this issue it listed TurboScan as the number one business App for the second consecutive year (according to the iTunes store). We had never heard of it.

TurboScan is just as you might guess a mobile scanner. You simply open the App, take a “picture” of the document you want to scan, it converts the “picture” to and PDF that you can file or email to anyone you like. Simple! I have visions of taking the “picture” of a receipt every time I use our company credit card and emailing it directly to our bookkeeper and myself (for filing). For only $1.99 in the iTunes store, TurboScan is going to help us get closer to paperless in 2014.

We will still be receiving receipts from the businesses that we purchase from but we will not have to save these any longer. Now we have to convince all other businesses to go the paperless route as well. We are happy that the Apple Store and our current printer Initial Print have the service of sending you a receipt by email even if you purchase and pay in the store. We hope the rest of our suppliers take note and follow suit shortly.

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