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Finally, a company that understands and can utilize social media on our behalf. Cascadia Events has been trying for years to find the right partners to assist with social media – CK Golf Solutions is that company. I have also found Jeff & Tara to ask great questions to get me to think about what it is I am really trying to accomplish with all my media. Then on top of that – they take a lead in making it happen.

~ John Tipping, Event Producer, Cascadia Events (Vancouver Golf & Travel Show, Seattle Bike Show, Seattle Golf & Travel Show and the Travel, Trips & Adventures Show)

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On February 1st, 2014, Jeff and Tara Ciecko facilitated a Strategic Planning Session for Golf Fore Gals.  There was a total of 7 GFG Executive in attendance.  The pre-work assigned was very relevant and thought-provoking and helped us identify some of the key issues that needed addressing during the planning session.  Throughout the day Jeff and Tara were very effective at facilitating the session, excellent at linking issues helping us see the co-relation to the bigger picture, brought us to some goals for 30 days, 90 days and beyond that we needed to address.  There were some very tight deadlines, and Jeff and Tara pulled out all the stops to get us information within a few days that normally would take a couple of weeks to compile.

I would recommend Jeff and Tara to any organization that feels a strategic planning session would help focus on relevant issues for the future, with great pre-work and fantastic follow up.  If the organization is in the golf industry, all the better, but their process will deliver very positive results regardless of the industry.

~ Diane Fru, Owner, Golf Fore Gals

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We have just started working with Jeff and Tara. Living in Ontario and dealing with them working across the country in Vancouver has not been a problem, emails and phone calls are always answered promptly. As basic newbie’s to Social Media, the training sessions have been productive and informative; Jeff has lots of patience too! We are expecting great return on our investment, as we are already receiving positive results in a very short time.

~ Joan Sobil, Owner, Blue Heron Golf Club  Lanark, Ontario.

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The golf business is challenging at the best of times and so to work with people & companies who are hard working, knowledgeable about the industry and committed to seeing continual improvements within the facility, makes a big difference in our success. Jeff & Tara from CK Golf Solutions has always been that type of company to deal with… University GC couldn’t be happier with our relationship throughout the years we’ve worked together.
~ Michael Mather, General Manager & Executive Professional, University Golf Club

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I have known Jeff and Tara for many years professionally and personally. Jeff and Tara are golf industry professionals and I have relied on them for many things to help my business grow and succeed. As a team they are a resource that any business could use to help a business overcome many challenges in todays business world. Jeff and Tara are a pleasure to work with and I always welcome the opportunity to be around them.
~ Keith Gibson, Owner KJG Golf Services, Operator Long Beach Golf Course, Saratoga Beach Golf Club, Comox Golf & Country Club
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Jeff is a true leader in the world of golf! Having worked with and known him for a number of years, Jeff is one of the most professional and knowledgable business consultants I know, leading the golf industry in social media know-how. Jeff is an inspiring professional: dedicated, ambitious and result-driven. When talking with Jeff about social media, his passion is pure and contagious. I would recommend Jeff to any company looking to create a leading strategy and strong presence for their brand in the ever-changing and growing social media arena.
~ Nicole Martinez, Marketing Specialist, Predator Ridge Resort ~ Formally Event Coordinator, PGA of BC
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I have contracted the services of CK Golf Solutions since 2009.  Services they have provided include marketing, social media management, staff training, training manual creation, graphic design, consultation on business practices and branding to name just a few.  They conduct their business with pride, expertise, detail and above all a human touch.  It is the relationship they build with their clients that draws you to them and the growth of that relationship that keeps you engaged.  I would highly recommend the services CK Golf Solutions provides to any sector of the golf industry and for that matter any business that appreciates detailed, timely, work from people who care.
~ Tom Monaghan, President, Monaghan Golf Inc., Operator Fraserview Golf Course, Gleneagles Golf Course, Ambleside Par 3 Golf Course , Mount Brenton Golf Course, Bowen Island Golf Club

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 We have had the pleasure working with both Jeff & Tara of CK Golf Solutions since February of 2010 and what a difference they have made to our Marketing and Promotional programs! Not only have they brought us up to date with all areas of Social Media but they have also totally redesigned our Web Site. With Jeff’s past experience in the Golf Industry it was an easy decision for us to hire CK Golf Solutions.

Jeff & Tara have made several trips out to our area (even though we are on opposite ends of the province) and worked closely with management and staff and they have always been readily available to answer questions and/or concerns we have had!

I have absolutely no reservations in recommending CK Golf Solutions to anyone looking to start or improve upon their social media programs.

~ Brian Schaal, General Manager/ Executive Professional, Copper Point Golf Club/ The Ridge at Copper Point

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Dear Jeff and Tara,
I want to take a moment to thank the two of you for visiting the Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club, meeting with our managers and members of our board and preparing a very detailed report for us to consider. I can tell you that the board believes our investment in this project has been very worthwhile.

The preparation you did in advance was evidenced by the questions you asked us before your arrival and the questions you asked at the interview stage. I enjoyed taking you around the course to see the layout and appreciated the comments you made at that time and during my interview time. By providing an interim report with the highlights and most time related observations and recommendations we were able to meet with our managers and the current board to make some decisions about immediate action. The follow-up full report has been reviewed and our incoming President told our membership at the AGM last weekend that we have a lot of good information from you to digest this year and more!

Along with specific information about the operation of the club in the context of other clubs our size in BC, the references you made to compensation and job descriptions is extremely valuable and will give us some solid information to move forward in those areas as well.

Again, it was a pleasure to meet with the two of you and I hope we cross paths again in the future.

~ Bob Cotter, President (Now Past President), Sunshine Coast Golf & Country Club

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Jeff, WOW!!! Fantastic session (webinar)! Who knew there was soooo much to think about with Third Party Deals. The content was great! Your logical sequencing was great! Your pace was great! Your voice projection was great! Did I say this was a great session? :-)
Thanks a million. If you’d like to do another in the 1Q 2012 we’d love to have you!

~ Susan Sweeney, Dean

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Jeff has worked with us for the past 4 years and has continued to deliver great results that have helped our business continue to grow move forward. I would highly recommend Jeff if you are looking to move your business to the ‘next level’

~ Howard Normann, Supervisor of Golf Operations, Vancouver Parks Golf

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Jeff is a “Big Picture” person that understands that true business growth lies in the little things…customer service, relationships and Trust is how Jeff has built his reputation and he has become a master at using social media to accomplish his goals. He does what he says and what’s most amazing is that he does it as fast as technology allows. Jeff is a true professional and he gets better every day, if you want to learn how to use social media to benefit your business…50 minutes with Jeff is the difference between you and your competition!! August 30, 2011

 ~ Ashley Chinner, Director of Golf, Signature Risk Partners Inc.

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We had CK Golf Solutions run social media training sessions for us in May 2011. The presentation was hands on and relevant to our business. It created a lot of positive energy around the office in regards to using social media as a part of your overall marketing plan. Jeff and Tara delivered what was promised and I would have no hesitation on recommending them or having them back for another presentation.

 ~ Amrit Lalli, BCom, FMA, CFP Division Director, Investors Group Victoria, Senior Financial Consultant

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On behalf of our BC Chapter Advisory Board and all our owners and operators in attendance many thanks for your excellent presentation “Using Social Media For Your Business” at our recent BC Chapter Educational meeting.

Your overview on a variety of social media platforms and how they can assist in marketing and promoting facilities was extremely well received by our members. Many in attendance relayed how informative the session was and provided them with insight into how they may improve their operations.

Your expertise in the area of social media and providing Social Media solutions to not only the golf industry but to corporate and non-profit businesses outside of golf is invaluable to all.

Many thanks again. All the best,

 ~ Douglas Ferne, NGCOA Canada – BC Chapter Regional Director (formerly)

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“I have worked with Jeff (CK Golf Solutions) to get my social networking platform established and moving along. Jeff is very knowledgeable in this area – and in marketing – and is a great resource for us to consult – would recommend that you work with Jeff!!”

~ Don MacKay, Owner Muskoka Highlands Golf & Incoming President of the National Golf Course Owners Canada

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“Hiring Jeff as a consultant was a great decision. His knowledge, communication style and research-based approach are continuing to be most helpful to my business.”

~ John Randle, Owner Randle Golf

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To Whom it may concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of reference for CK Golf Solutions Ltd. I have had the pleasure of working with this company since January 2010. CK Golf Solutions Ltd were hired by the MS Society of Canada to develop a Social Media Program.

Working with this company has been a big step for our organization in becoming knowledgeable and functional in the world of Social Media. Jeff Ciecko, the Vice President of the company was great at setting up the program, training the staff, available for questions anytime and came with a huge wealth of knowledge. He made things seem very easy and always came back to us with solutions if he did not have the answers right away.

As a non profit organization we are always looking at ways to stay current and fresh on a very limited budget. Jeff has shown us ways to be just this through the social media program. We have seen an increase in the number of followers on Facebook and Twitter and from these followers we have been able to recruit new participants and possibly some donors. Even though we still have a lot to learn we are well on our way to ensuring that we are seen as an organization that stays competitive. We would never have been able to move forward without Jeff’s expertise.

What we appreciated the most from Jeff & CK Golf Solutions is that they never made us feel like it wasn’t possible. Jeff was able to work within our parameters and limitations and was always there for support along the way. He also became quickly familiar with our organization and really made an effort to learn who we were and what we did. The diversity and flexibility of this company is really what makes them different from other companies out there.

I would have no problems in recommending CKGolf Solutions to anyone who was looking at developing a social media program. Once you have CK Golf Solutions working for you, the results will be there, and you will have a company that is with you no matter what.

If you would like more information about working with Jeff Ciecko and CK Golf Solutions please feel free to contact me at 250-388-6496.

~ Tracey Gibson, Manager of Development, MS Society of Southern Vancouver Island

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The professionalism and expertise that CK Golf Solutions provided in the development of a business plan for our golf course was instrumental to the success that we are now experiencing.

Jeff & Tara were able to provide a plan that focused on the key factors of our facility that has now produced higher than expected results. I would highly recommend Jeff & Tara to any golf facility knowing that their insight into the golf industry would be an asset to any organization.

~ Trevor Seibel, CFO, District of Tumbler Ridge & Interim General Manager, Tumbler Ridge Golf & Country Club

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In 2005, I assumed the position of NGCOA Canada, Regional Director-British Columbia Chapter and am responsible for a number of initiatives to promote the golf industry in BC, showcase member facilities and generate revenue for our Chapter operations. At that time our joint publication initiative with our Alberta Chapter was minimal in exposure and generating little revenue. Our decision to affiliate with CK Golf Solutions Ltd. and their qualifications in all aspects of marketing and administration have been the main factors that the publication now has substantial participation and generates significant revenue for our Chapters. Furthermore, CK Golf Solutions Ltd. provided a detailed three year strategic plan enabling our publication to now expand to Western Canada and launch a website

CK Golf Solutions Ltd.’s commitment to staying up-to-the-minute on industry trends and continuing to be involved in all facets of the golf industry while maintaining the highest standards of service has been a tremendous asset to our Association.

I would recommend CK Golf Solutions Ltd. for any golf course facility and know that their expertise would be beneficial to that operation.

~ Doug Ferne – National Golf Course Owners Association, Regional Director, B.C. Chapter (formerly)

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