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Predictions: NHL 2013-2014 Standings

NHL Hockey
NHL hockey is back after a labor strike shortened season in 2012 – 2103 and I am excited. After a one year “protest of the NHL” which you can read here, I am back and ready for a full season of NHL hockey, attending games, watching NHL Centre Ice and more. To kick off the season I thought I would share my predictions for the divisions standings and open up the debate in the comments below:

NHL 2013 – 2104 Regular Season Predictions
It should be noted with realignment of the divisions and conferences that it was a difficult process making my picks, but here they are:

NHL Pacific Division

  1. 1. San Jose Sharks
  2. 2. Vancouver Canucks
  3. 3. Los Angeles Kings
  4. 4. Edmonton Oilers
  5. 5. Anaheim Ducks
  6. 6. Phoenix Coyotes
  7. 7. Calgary Flames

NHL Central Division

  1. 1. Chicago Blackhawks
  2. 2. St. Louis Blues
  3. 3. Minnesota Wild
  4. 4. Nashville Predators
  5. 5. Winnipeg Jets
  6. 6. Colorado Avalanche
  7. 7. Dallas Stars

NHL Metropolitan Division

  1. 1. Pittsburgh Penguins
  2. 2. New York Rangers
  3. 3. Philadelphia Flyers
  4. 4. Washington Capitals
  5. 5. New York Islanders
  6. 6. New Jersey Devils
  7. 7. Carolina Hurricanes
  8. 8. Columbus Blue Jackets

NHL Atlantic Division

  1. 1. Boston Bruins
  2. 2. Detroit Red Wings
  3. 3. Ottawa Senators
  4. 4. Montreal Canadians
  5. 5. Toronto Maple Leafs
  6. 6. Tampa Bay Lightening
  7. 7. Buffalo Sabres
  8. 8. Florida Panthers

Leave a comment with your predictions!

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