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Our Tips for Attending a Consumer Show

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Seattle Bike Show

The Consumer Golf Show season is upon us. So how do you get the most out of the dollars you are spending to attend the upcoming Consumer Golf Shows? Here are some tips that we use for our clients… Read More

Budgeting – Grounds Maintenance

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Copper Point Header Photo

For most golf courses the biggest expense is in golf course maintenance. Our focus has been asking the question “why”, as in why do you do it this way? What if you did it another way? Read More

Budgeting and Net Yield

Posted on by Jeff & Tara


The golf season for most of Canada and the Northern United States is winding down. This is the time of year when most golf courses begin their budgeting process for the coming year. If you are a public or semi-private golf course that accepts green fee or guest rounds of golf now is the time to start analyzing… Read More

Breaking Down Barriers – How Golf’s Dress Code Needs to Change

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

golf dress

Dress Codes Dress codes for golf are out of touch with today’s reality. OK, but MAYBE with the exception of some private clubs. Although we know of one extremely private golf club that now allows blue jeans for kids in … Read More

Who leads your businesses sales plan?

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Sales Image

It’s Not 1980, Sales Has Changed Since 2010 the sales process has made a shift and it has been dramatic. However, most golf businesses are still selling like it is the 1980’s! It is time to shake things up and … Read More

Best new customer service tool

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Marriott services-when-phone-en

We are not sure yet whether this is the best new customer service tool or the worst? But we do think it is cool! We stay at a lot of hotels (about 100 nights a year) and we use several of the hotel specific branded apps to book or change a reservation. But the new app feature from Marriott Hotels takes it one step further letting users communicate with the front desk directly in a text like setting. Read More

How to make the most out of Networking

Posted on by Jeff & Tara


For golf industry professionals networking should be easy. We are in the people business and by nature we are social creatures. The golf industry is a very tightly knit group. Most us will share, update and discuss the state of the industry multiple times during the year with many different groups of people. For most of us, what we can always improve is… Read More

Five Things To Prepare For The Upcoming Golf Season

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

Box image

It is hard to believe but the 2015 golf season is here. Hopefully by now everyone has enjoyed some well deserved time off and is busy preparing for the upcoming golf season. Here is a short list of things you need to consider… Read More

Playing 8 Inch Cups at Redwoods Golf Course

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

photo 5

There has been a lot written about 8 inch cups and even going to 15 inch cups for golf. The Redwoods Golf Course in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver was the first to adopt… Read More

Golf Course Review – Bowen Island Golf Club

Posted on by Jeff & Tara

9th hole view of the Clubhouse at Bowen Island Golf Club

Bowen Island Golf Club is located on Bowen Island (I know, obviously) a short 20 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver. We had the opportunity to play it… Read More

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